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The Corrala de Santiago was restored by the Andalusian Regional Government and donated to the University of Granada in 1991. Since then, the guests of the UGR in Granada have enjoyed this wonderful building as their accommodation.

PresentationThis is one of the most representative buildings of the popular architecture of Granada from the 16th and 17th centuries - in the flat areas of the city, away from the Muslim typical locations on hills and high areas of land

The core of the Corrala de Santiago is a central patio which can be entered from the outside through a hallway decorated with limestone columns that support three corridors. The two highest corridors are decorated with wooden balustrades. One of the most significant characteristics of the building is the use of many different hallow foundations -some of which possibly taken from other buildings- that contribute to the beauty of the building.

Nowadays, despite the forced symmetry of the openings, the building still recalls the communal life of this former condominium, which had a social area -the current patio and corridors- as well as areas restricted to the families –the private rooms.

The conveniences of modern life and the taste of the past times, coexisting in this building in total harmony, will surely please and fulfill the visitors' expectations.

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